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We can help ship vehicles anywhere in the continental US.

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300+ New car trades available for sale every week with Dealer Access.


Dealers Only! Rain or shine on Tuesday of every week! Space Coast Auto Auction has over 300 new car trades and vehicles available for sale. We offer both in-lane and online bidding to suit your needs.  

We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and people to sell your unwanted inventory. At Space Coast Auto Auction, we make the entire process simple. 

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Pre & Post Sale Inspections

We will inspect any vehicle on the lot so you know what you are buying.

It's our privilege to have earned the trust of innumerable clients through the years. From our partnerships with new car stores, we give our clients the best selection of used vehicles in Brevard County, Florida.

NAAA Standards 

Our policies on arbitration, lights, and, conditions are all based upon the National Auto Auction Association standards.

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Weekly auctions Every Tuesday with more than 300 vehicles available! Sale starts at 6 pm!

 call (321) 242-1833 for information.